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Queensland's Joh Bjelke-Petersen.

Sir Joh was actually born in New Zealand in 1911, but his family moved to Kingaroy in 1913. Demonstrating a good deal of ingenuity on the farm he went on to become the Country Party member for the seat Nanango (now Barambah) and politics in Australia would never be the same again...

Sir Joh became Premier of Queensland in 1968 eventually losing it in 1987, and during the intervening period whatever you might have thought about what he was doing, he definitely had a way about him - he refered to press conferences as "feeding the chooks". Better still for the chickens, what he was up to was certainly news worthy. For this gallery we offer a selection of cartoons spanning 1974, when he made it obvious to the Whitlam Government that he was a force to be reckoned with, finishing with the now famous "Joh For PM" campaign and his eventual loss of power in 1987.

One "chook's" perspective, enjoy!

PS. for the tour minded, the tour starts here.

Handling Public Protest

Aurukun and Mornington Island

Dealing with the federal Labor Party

Dealing with the federal Liberal Party

Floh launches her pumkin scones

Trouble with the Power Unions

Saying it with choclate!

Joh For PM

The End.