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Children's Books

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Children's Books

Jamie the Jumbo Jet

Written and illustrated by Geoff "Jeff" Hook.

ISBN: 0140387544
Description: When the captain isn't looking, Jamie the cheeky jumbo jet takes off to visit his jumbo friends, the elephants who live on the African plains. But life in the wild isn't exactly what Jamie expected, and he's in for a few surprises. Especially when there's an ivory poacher around... An exciting adventure story with a lovable hero.
Audience: Children's 6+
Publisher: Puffin

Harry the Honkerzoid, Planet of The Honkerzoids

Written by Brendan Hook, illustrated by Geoff "Jeff" Hook.

Note: Brendan is a professional musician and a music teacher consequently each Honkerzoid books also include a simple and fun to play musical score. Primary school music teachers who are interested in the books, or would like to provide feedback, or would like other music associated with the Honkerzoid books are welcome to contact Brendan at bhookmusic.com.

ISBN: 0140386793 Now available as a musical i-book!
Description: It's not easy being in the school band, especially when there's a concert coming up and you can't play your music. Things are beginning to look quite drastic for Chris. That is, until the arrival of Harry... Toots, clinks, taps, blahs and booms all bounce off the pages of this wonderfully energetic, rhythmic story that delights in the joy of music.
Audience: Children's 7+
Publisher: Puffin or i-book version at the iTunes Store

ISBN: 0141301481 Now available as a musical i-book!
Description: When Chris starts his science project on the sound barrier, who should turn up but his old friend Harry the Honkerzoid. Harry's planet is in danger, and he needs Chris's help. With Harry leading the way, the two embark on an incredible intergalactic adventure! This second Honkerzoid story is another energetic, rhythmic adventure using music and sound.
Audience: Children's 7+
Publisher: Puffin or i-book version at the iTunes Store

How to Buy

Geoff's books are generally available in any good book shop around Australia, alternatively they can be purchased on-line through the following on-line book shops. Note: we are not associated with any of the book sellers listed below, or around Australia, however if you have any trouble purchasing, or finding, Geoff's books please let us know at enquiries@geoffhook.com.

If you are a bookseller who is planning to sell Geoff's books on-line, please let us know and we will include a link to you on this page.