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Politics, advertising, and money.

The Federal Government announced that it would introduce legislation to ban political advertising on television and radio. The advertising ban would apply to federal, state and local government elections and to lobby groups. The government would also require the full disclosure of political donations and expenditures over $1500. At the time there was some concern over what consequences this might have for special interest groups in regards to getting their messages out.

As a further note, you will note a "polka dot" reference - general public response to the polka-dot look had been quite good, but the polka-dots were also starting to be used for what would politely be described as "political sledging" from some sides of politics. Not long after this cartoon polka-dots also became a "badge of courage" for some parts of the feminist and labor movement. So while a kind of balance was achieved, we'd like to add further to the comments on the origination of the polka-dot look in the cartoon of 4th March 1991 - just as the comments of political leaders may have unexpected effects on how they are drawn, the drawings of cartoonists can have unexpected effects on things political. Let both sides now be warned!