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On April 5th 1986 a bomb exploded in a Berlin discotheque frequented by American servicemen killing three American servicemen, a Turkish woman, and injured 260 other people. Tracing the origins of the bomb back to Libya the US launched a series of air strikes aimed at Colonel Gaddafi and various pieces of Libyan infrastructure, killing about 40 people, including Gaddafi's adopted daughter. In November 2001, a German court sentenced two Palestinians, a German and a Libyan to long jail terms for the nightclub attack, after a trial lasting four years. The court also found evidence that the Libyan state secret services were at least partly to blame for the bombing.

Footnote: August 16th, 2003. It was reported in Der Spiegel that Libya has promised to pay compensation to the German Government and the victims of the discotheque bombing.