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The Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recovery

After the attempt at the Bay of Pigs invasion, President Fidel Castro was under US sanctions as President Kennedy had issued a trade embargo against Cuban goods. In 1963 a South American based organisation, the Insurrection Movement of Revolutionary Recovery (MIRR), began bombing raids against what they regarded as Cuban assets. At the time sugar was a major export from Cuba and a number of bombing raids were aimed at the sugar mills in order to further deprive the Castro regime of income.

Meantime China's Chairman Chou En Lai (Zhou Enlai) was observing the state of affairs in Africa and else where in South America as the Castro regime courted the Soviet Union and other communist countries. The "irony" of having to deal with another revolutionary movement himself unlikely to be lost on Fidel Castro.

Note: this cartoon was done for the Hobart Mercury, before Geoff started including the hook. If you look carefully you'll be able to see a rhubarb tin and a picture of Jeff and baby son number 1.